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Black Sex Party at home. The three black boys had agreed to hang out at home together. But in the end nothing was placed, so they get bored in the room.

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One of the black boys tries to make a phone call and arrange something. The others are actually already dreaming of their big breasted black women. The busty women also met at home. Upon entering, the two busty girlfriends are checked on their bosoms by the horny girlfriend. Both have lovely large black busts and are wonderfully scantily dressed. The black women with large breasts are reading together in the salon. They each have their favorite book with erotic stories. The stories are about sexual love but also a Black Sex Party.

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One of the black boys goes down to get some drinks. He noted that the friends are at home and talking about their book of erotic stories. He hears the horny stories what they love the girls. He gets so excited himself that his big black pich gets hard. The girls noticed him and asked what he was doing there. Just come to us. Soon the three black girls see that his dick is rock hard. The Maid dressed with the scarce blue dress, with the largest bosom. She takes his big black dick and asks if he gets closer to her.

She doesn’t mind at all being bothered by his big pick. The hot girl give him first a Handjob to get hot. Soon he takes his big pick in her greedy mouth. She starts to give him a nice blowjob and asks her friend if she wants him too.

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The girls let him take off his pants and sit on the sofa. The three black girls got so horny from the erotic stories. That their black pussy is hot and wet. The hostess enjoys watching them suck and starts playing with her wet pussy. The curvy girl goes for Monica in the purple robe and starts licking her pussy. While the other girl continues to blow him further. The three girls are very horny that they girl lick her pussy too.

Caught by the husband and friend.

At some point, the friend with the hat comes down and catches them. Actually, he doesn’t mind and tells his girlfriend to blow him. While the other girls start playing the host. Monica the hostess loves to fuck him deep in her throat. Her pussy she got hot and wet that she wants the big cock in her. While her husband is sucked by the other two girls, Monica sits down on the boyfriend’s black cock. She starts to fuck him violently in the sofa. You regularly hear her calling as she cums.

The sound woke the other friend who had just fallen asleep. He comes down and soon realizes that a wonderful black sex party is going on. He immediately takes out his fat fat cock. The biggest girl immediately puts him at ease and takes his cock in her big mouth that can barely get in.

The host is meanwhile fucked by the silent girl. Meanwhile, he enjoys seeing his wife fuck by his wife. The hostess is not only fucked in her black vagina. He also takes her black anal with his big black fat cock. The girl with the biggest bosom also takes the black fat fat cock in her. Kimmie has a hard time getting the cock in her tight pussy. He fucks her doggy. Then he sits down on him so he can fuck her. In the meantime we can see her nice black pierced clit. Because of his big cock, the girl will come as soon as ready.

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Meanwhile, the other two have switched and the hostess and host fuck each other back. The others completely fuck each other off until one changes again. The silent girl goes to the big fat cock. She will have to stretch her tight pussy to push it in. The hostess is fucked in all holes. As well as the other girls, they are further fucked anally in this crazy sex party. The black girl shaking tits
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